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1997 – Uaral (Demo) Download! –Note: Potrero Grande is missing.
1998 – From the Agony to the Hopelessness (Demo) Download!
1998 – Laments (EP) Download!
2004 – Acidal (Demo) Download! –Note: Hacia Monte Largo… is missing.
2005 – Sounds of Pain (LP) Download!
2007 – Lamentos A Poema Muerto (LP) Download!
Despond (Single) Download!


Here are the pictures found on the net. There may be more, but I’ve zipped what I had. Includes background picture of this website with and without Uaral Logo on it.


Uaral cover of “One Last Goodbye” by “Anathema and “Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays” by “Empyrium”. Download This Video!

Guitar Tabs

Are you a guitar player and want to play Uaral songs? Here are some tabs that can be viewed using Guitar Pro program. These are everything I’ve found so far.

Upload Your Files!

Do you have anything that we don’t? Upload it here! We’ll add them to the website so everyone can use them. Pictures, songs, informations, anything! See What Users Have Uploaded!

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