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This is the Unofficial Website of the Dark Folk band, Uaral. This website is created by Iranian fans and we are not affiliated to Uaral in any ways. We only own the contents of the website, including the background picture (which you may download and distribute), the texts we’ve written and other stuffs. Main sources are located below every page, and all copyrights have been respected. Sources may not be the real main ones, and we’ve just mentioned the first websites we’ve encountered as the source page .We don’t have any responsibility about contents of the source pages/other websites. They may have ripped other stuffs from the internet which is their own problem, not ours.

Copyright Validity: About the free songs of Uaral, which are available to download and listen, We must say that Uaral’s current status is Unknown, and both recording/distributing studios do not exist now (Lost Horizon and Octagon Music), and you can’t find the original digital copies nor the physical copies of their albums. Even the website has made the Uaral songs available for free downloads. Once again, We do not own any of these songs and most of the contents (Unless there’s no source link below it).

You can contribute by donating and keeping the website alive! With the increasing cost of keeping this service available, we’ve made it possible for fans to donate to this site. This is a free site, and contributing is completely voluntary. we guarantee that all donated money will be used to pay for hosting, hardware/softwares, and other fees that apply directly to running the site.

If you have more questions, suggestions or anything else that you wish to add to the website, contact us at [email protected]

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Website designed by Reza Hajianpour 

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You can donate to me the designer as well, though it’s not necessary and supporting the server costs is a better priority. But if you really feel like thanking me collecting and creating all the content, just choose a method below.

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