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Since there’s no trace of Uaral now (27 of September 2013), there are no valid or verified biographies available. But here are some biographies from different websites. See Copyright Validity.


  • Aciago (All Instruments)
  • Caudal (Vocals)
  • Active Years: 1996 – ?
    Country: Chile
    Location: Curicó
    Current Status: Unknown
    Genre: Dark Folk/Doom Metal
    Atmosphere: Nature, Beauty, Sadness, Sorrow, Depression

    Uaral is a dark folk duo with doom metal elements from Curicó, Chile formed in 1996 by Aciago (all instruments) and Caudal (vocals).
    They have released four demos and two full-length albums, “Sounds of Pain…” (2005) and “Lamentos A Poema Muerto” (2007) – the latter contains only two new tracks, the other songs can be found on the “Laments” EP.

    There was an old man named Uaral; when Aciago and Caudal were children, he used to tell them stories and teach them how to play music. When he passed away, they decided to form a band and christen it “Uaral” in his honor.


    Uaral is a two peice band from Chile, that fuses an eclectic mixture of Latin inspired classical guitar, neo-folk textures and Doom metal vocals and structures. The band was formed in 1996 by Aciago (Instruments) and Caudal (Vocals), since then, the pair have recorded four demos, two full length albums and an EP. Their debut album, Sounds of Pain was released in 2005, followed by 2007’s Lamentos A Poema Muerto, which can be generously downloaded for free from Uaral’s webpage. Themes of nature, loss and despair are common in both the music and lyrics of Uaral’s compositions, however, quiet songs are apt to morph into movements of despair and doom-laden power, based primarily around the truly unique vocals of Caudal.
    Uaral’s songs are often based around long acoustic folk passages, with a mixture of deep, gutteral doom-like growls, choral clean singing and forlorn screams. The slow, atmospheric sound is complemented by stark orchestration and often emotional guitar work, both acoustically and with a clean-tone electric guitar. Caudal’s unique vocals are one of the most interesting aspects of their music, and really defy any attempted categorisation. Uaral as a band are wholly unique, and while comparisons to other bands like Agalloch and other Folk Doom bands seem obvious, one can only experience Uaral as a separate entity. A truly wonderful gem of Chilean music.


    Over hostile times and fruitless experiences in the horizon, rough episodes were registered in our bodies. By the year 1996, Aciago and Caudal, relatives and friends, walked through different paths but both carrying the piece of a family sentenced to live under the repression, the toil and the labour of the field; subsequently, they were fated to love the land which provides their home with sorrow and hope. In fact by those years, in all familiar night falls, you could see that musical ideas were brought up, though they were never brought to an end because to oblige restrained feelings to give body is a matter of time.

    In 1997, immersed in the solitude of the mountain range, the wine straight in wisdom covered the night with his lineage under the inert gaze of trees and sky, and the moist fire wood lighted and brightened Potrero Grande river who was drowned in beautiful desolation. Just a faint harmony could satisfy the wind who caressed his sonancy. It was a night of poetry and music where Uaral plastered their veins departing a way of natural comfort to the need of expressing feelings, whom Aciago and Caudal would resort to. As an option, to make immortal musical registers, it was recorded a demonstration for fellows, and it was given the name of “Potrero Grande” and “Surrendered to the Decadence” but a called introduction “Bruma”.

    In those gaits, The Niches roads were bloodstained with the end of a relative life. Nobody will forget that day when Uaral plastered his agony with instrumental melancholy on the delicate coffin and gladden the air with all the desolation that covered the room. Those were difficult times full of losses and misfortunes that marked Uaral: as a mirror, mourning, personified in compositions, reflected the pain of a land full of everlasting silence. Thus, without reaching an agreement, new symphonies emerged without resignation.

    Uaral guided the traces of members’ thoughts leaving in all bands a poem and a chord. In this way, the musical agonies around the wintry downpours and nights of shining blazes advanced through the years in The Niches and Cordillerilla. They were reflected in every tear of the brook. Throughout the seasons is coming the amazement of the breathings of those who were ripening Uaral. For that reason, it is decided for a second time to capture a register: a new one, its name From The Agony To The Hopelessness, that wandered along tree stages and an overture. In 2003, it was handed over an anonym musical register to a selected group of friends that walked sharing the ideologies and the expressions that Uaral gave out. OMG listened to this by accidents of destiny, contacted them, and proposed an interesting project to record the register. They both, OMG and the guys -Aciago and Caudal- agreed on meeting to expose their needs. There, they explained the real meaning of Uaral music ex! pressions and ideologies, and that they did not want an overexposure of them. OMG understood that everything is mainly to protect Uaral’s interests, and finally they entered the studio.

    After washing the dishes in the kitchen of The Niches, Aciago’s and Caudal’s grandmother dried her hands and proudly gave her chant to her lads. She registered the most sincere expression of her feelings, which was used as a prologue in “La Vaga Esperanza Del Ser”, a song of admirable beauty inspired by the aerial caress of childhood.

    From all the sorrows that came from feeling decadence, it was achieved a final expression rich of worldly grief, familiar proximity, and hopeless agony: it was achieved Sounds Of Pain…


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